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I don’t think I’m ready to write this, but I’mma do it anyway, because I can’t stand seeing you feel like this, doing the things I almost did.


I don’t know how it is in your country, but here in Sweden your parents, teachers and doctors ’’somehow’’ gives up on your mental health-issues, because they’re ’’too common’’.


’’Too common’’, they say …




Sweden may have one of the wealthiest health care systems in the world, but it must be so fucking broke to have it being common for today’s teenagers to feel depressive and sad.


What I PERSONALLY DON’T UNDERSTAND about the adults of this country is why they always say it’s a reality for many teens and children to feel depressive, but never really think of the reason why it is like this.


Why so many in our society feel like they do.


Two words almost ended my life. Those words were TOO & COMMON. I wasn’t being taken seriously when speaking to the professionals and I wasn’t being taken seriously throuout my mid-teens. Until it almost was too late.


Because here in Sweden it is taboo for people to talk about having mental illnesses, thus being this common.


’’ Everyone is having it, but no one dares to talk about it’’


I was afraid. Afraid of never getting help and that almost costed my life.


A month ago I began ’’gymnasium’’, our Swedish term for senior high school. Tenth grade. 

In a healthy swede's eyes, being told that their friend is suidical, that they don’t care about life, that they’re feeling blue, is ’’only for attention’’ – It’s surreal because ’’it doesn’t exist’’. Let me tell you that it does. And it’ll harvest your friends’ lives if you don’t wake up from this joyful bubble of yours.


Since I’m a public figure, A REALLY SMALL ONE even, it’s even more unacceptable for me to talk about it. In my school and the area of my school I constantly get comments from randoms yelling and shouting at me, taking pictures even if I ask them to stop, because I talk openly about my mental illness.


It’s gone so bad I need to cover my face with big hooded jackets and sunglasses. In SEPTEMBER EVEN (!!!) so that no one will know it’s me.


This also happens in Odenplan, where I am every week. No, I’m not a ’’weeb’’, but I do study Japanese because I like the language, my school is there anyway. So in Odenplan today, the day I’m writing this, someone random came up to me commenting my glasses saying ’’they knew who I was. That I couldn’t hide from the sun forever’’ and it scared the s**t out of me. I never feel safe in the city and it looks like I never will.


The past weeks into this semester I was awkward, freezing friends out and having anxiety attacks. BAD THINGS. BUT THINGS EVERYONE GETS OUT OF.


Take this seriously and comprehend it. This is a serious issue for a common teen, and your friends could be in danger. Listen to them if they’ve not been saying anything the entire day, and understand a few ’’warning signs’’.


The old saying about people who talk about suicide won’t do it, is NOT true. It’s actually them we should focus on. Because they’re just talking it off. It’s their way of asking us for help. Remember, it’s taboo to talk about this openly, so they need to fill in some not too obvious signs here and there to plead for your awareness.


I’m going to leave it at this. Remember that ending your life is never the solution to anything and remember that it’s okay to feel depressed and it’s okay to feel suicidal. Just if you don’t do anything and reach for help that is.


Don’t hesitate but dm me on social media and come talk to me about this, if you only feel anxious. If it's serious I’d suggest you going to your parents, or someone you can talk to, if you’re under 18 and and ALWAYS seek help. If you're over 18 still seek help.


I can’t fix your problems, but I know someone with who can.

Contact your local helpline for suicide here. Remember it's better to be unsure and call than unsure and never call, if you're suicidal, or if your friend is, and you're afraid they're going to do something stupid, call.

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Remember that I love you <333