What’s up people? Missed me?  

I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m mentally confused for in which direction in life I want to move in. I have these thoughts that I want to do my podcast, release music and then stop living a “public figure life” and start off fresh as a private person.  

These are just thoughts I’m having and I wouldn’t want to separate from showbiz for the world. Yet, I feel so happy with a life of my own without people watching me.  

I have friends who are worried about my mental health, my family who is worried about my education, and then there’s me, not worrying for any of those stuff. I just am worried for life in general. I wouldn’t mind having it harder in life, what I would mind is to live a so called “happy life” in what others may call happy, and continue to be depressed. I wouldn’t want to be afraid of letting go my inner thoughts on my art, quite the opposite actually, I want to move on with my art and have it published. I’m a patient person, and I love being patient, as well as being thankful for what I got while I wait and work for what’s coming. 

Xoxo Zeventine 🤗💯

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