why i converted to satanism

Today, Saturday’s feb 2 2019, I took the decision to convert to LaVey-satanism. The religion as a whole focuses on the power and independence within oneself. There is no devil. The devil is a concept made in Christianity, which does not apply here. 

Satanism to me means self control over my personal life. I believe in compassion and friendliness for everyone and I condemn anyone who forces anything onto anyone.

I was brought up agnostic and then converted to Christianity at age 16 on that no one would force anything on me and that it was a desicion on my own to make. Then, all I’ve ever have gotten by the Christian community (not saying everyone is like this, just that my community of Christians have been like this) have forced baptism and homophobia onto me , as well as norms on how everyone should be.

One thing I can’t stand is white Christians. They are homophobic and racist, even when they themselves aren’t that. One thing about the church I used to go to, was that they’d always use white saviourism onto anyone of colour they’d try to “help”. Not gonna go into more details on it other than when I try to speak upon their issues, all people would say to me was that white saviourism was a good thing. That “white people all are good”. Ew! 

They completely denied that racism, sexism and homophobia exists in their church, and that was my final straw to convert to a religion that’s more fit for me. 

Will I ever put my foot in a church again? Maybe, but only for a friend. Would I ever wanna go back to Christianity? No, it’s not anything for me. Christian mindsets are completely different from my mindset. Sorry. 

But hey! You do you, and even though most of my Christian friends haven’t supported me, I want you to know that I’ll always support you, no matter what you believe in or what you don’t believe in. I love you. Peace! 👁🎱☮️ 


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