if there’s something really am sick of, it has to be living. i really dislike living for a major of reasons and factors. mainly because it’s boring, time consuming to do one thing, and also, the pain never really disappears. it just turns into another problem when one other problem “decides” to disappear. it’s tiring being me i guess.

like, if you guys‘d know me on a real personal level, you’d’nt still understand how much in pain i am mentally right now. i do not feel suicidal, yet i feel like this. 

all i want to say with this lil rant is that i’m grateful for the support but i just want to be alone for a long while and focus on my health at the moment. it really just bugs me how some people who don’t deserve happiness get it, whilst i can’t when i totally deserve it after all i’ve been through in life. 


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