Yes, you read the title right!

I know, it’s weird for me too, but a couple of weeks ago I was walking aimlessly throughout Stockholm city and stopped by a Starbucks in Stureplan and I had so much “life anxiety”.  

I don’t know if it’s a legitimate thing, but you know how some people are afraid of dying, and can have severe anxiety about that, I have that as well, but about living and not dying. 

So I was walking and grabbed an iced latte, when I realized I felt safer the more life anxiety I had... Although I don’t enjoy feeling depressed, I feel secure when I feel down. Because I think life and to live is scary. To be alive frightens me and feeling depressed makes me feel more safe and able to handle and process my thoughts better.  

I continued my day walking in Östermalm and other parts of Stockholm and I’ve never felt more confident in my mental health issues. It sounds so weird I know but that’s how it was.

Message of the day: You’re not weird for having mental health issues and you’re not alone. It’s awful to feel bad but at the end of the day, it strengthens you. It’s true.



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