I NEED ME (nightly rant de moi)

So here I am, 1 am in the morning, on the couch, on my iPhone, blogging. I’m getting really bad at updating, but you know i won’t excuse me all the time, like most bloggers do. I have a career and I’m working. That’s what’s taking time. Anyhow, I just got done reading celebrity news articles on DN (Swedish news paper site) and an important thought popped up.

Why do I always have to compare myself to these celebrities? Why do people in general feel the need to compare me to these celebrities? Why doing that when I’m my own person?  

Ten minutes go and I get more things to think about. The friends I have who I’ve teased my music for, have never compared me to others. Social media does though. Always asking me who my influences are? Lady Gaga, Britney, Micheal, Zara Larsson? No, I’m my own person. My own person. With my own style. Own words and own art.

I feel so done comparing myself to people who are so much more successful than me. Sure, it’s nice to be inspired by fellow artists in the business, but it’s very easy to let it go too far. Like letting it go so far, all I think of is this artist’s so much better than me, or this and that’s so much better than my this and that. — I’m just so sick of it. So sick of always having this obsessive need of being as good as someone else just to save my made up self-esteem when all I can ever be is myself.

I need me. More than someone else ever will need me. I need me.

And I will never ever listen what hateful speeches people tell me about my career ever again. From now on, all I’m ever gonna do, is listening and only listening to myself and the feedback from friends. The end. 

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