I'm currently on a break from my job as a micro influencer .... or I'm not, but the flow just isn't there anymore. Though I've started listening more to Keke Palmer (AKA True Jackson AKA Akeelah and the bee AKA my queen)'s songs. Her latest song Bossy really inspires me when it comes to its message. That Keke's not afraid of being who she is as a woman in the entertainment business, that she takes the fight and won't give up, despite her own struggles with anxiety and other problems in the past, which is really strong of her. Strong because I have similar 'issues' I'm going through at the moment which I'm not there to get out of yet.

She said something on Genius a while back that I'd like to share with you. It's so good!! 

I've said it before and she's seen it before, I think she's such a great role model to me, as a fellow actor/singer in the business, I know that she is a role model. Know how I know? Because she's open with her feelings and the struggles she's had. She gives advice when needed and is always there to give me a 'virtual hug'. Something I'm very glad for. xxxx zev.


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