i’m so happy for these things ♡🐰

Recently I received a private message from a fan on Instagram wishing me good luck for my career and that they were excited for my mental health to be better and this is my “public answer” back ...

First of all, thank you for being here and taking your time to write me on Instagram. I really appreciated that. I got a mixture between feelings and it was a lot of emotions from my side coming together at once.

I first felt very happy that someone took their time to tell me that. I’ve isolated myself from people this week, and to hear that really made me feel good inside. Then I felt a bit scared, but in a good way. (I like feeling the empowerment of good in a scary way, if that makes sense.) 

Anyways, I’m busy trying to live my life and be as happy as possible. I think it’s important to focus on my private life and mental health as much as possible. I constantly switch from being sad to happy and vice verse throughout the days and it takes a lot of energy to put up with that.

I’m almost done with what could be my debut EP. I want to release it in a few months time as everything goes by in my life. I also have some exciting other news to tell you later on this year.

I love you and thank you for being so patient with me. Wishing my fans a great weekend and hope you stick around to see me grow. Xoxo zeventine ☁️🌸💕 

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