If you ask me what my biggest dream is, all I can say is that I want to have a purpose here on Earth. I didn’t get put here just do be mediocre, no one is, and therefore I am in the entertainment business, trying to get to a place where I can look back to, telling myself “I made it.”

My biggest fear is occurring whenever I feel depressed, or anxious. It’s where I wake up and feel little and meaningless. Feeling like I’ve failed at life, is the worst and scariest thing in the entire universe, for me. I can’t overcome it, but I can overcome it in the moment by thinking that as long as I keep living I can’t fail in life because I only know how to be me and living as me is something I can never undo. That’s very complicated and somehow it makes sense in the moment, because anxiety, like other mental health issues, is completely illogical.  

To everyone feeling hopeless, not being able to predict the future can be a scary thing. But you got to be strong. The future will be brighter. I swear 😘 // Yours truly


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