... of course you do, and you know what?

THAT very thing you wanted, that you have now only proves the point that the right thing comes at the right moment. You only have to wait. 

October-December 2016 I begun making my EP, and it wasn’t good. The slightest. But I had the confidence, the creativity and the inspirations needed, to be patient. 

Over half a year later, June 24 2017 To be precisely, I made a song that I actually liked. And that is still far far far from perfect, and that’s okay, because I improve it the more time passes by. And every progress is still progress in the journey of making a dream become a reality. 

Thats something my team, also friends, proved to me they did not understand. And that’s okay! I may not be a manager of IG01 Records artists anymore, but I got to know something. Money you can throw away. Money’s only shallow anyways, but time. The time you waste, is time you will never get back and I wasted their time, but most importantly, I wasted my time. 

I’ve also learnt that it’s okay to take breaks to clear one’s mind. Mine, in this case. Resting and putting things on hold don’t mean I quit, it means the one who waits for something, never waits too long. 

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