Happy New Year! — people will say in 12 hours. Happy they say, because they will wish a year to sink into while they forget about their past two years in pain. I’m one of those people, and I seek peace into a new year — until I screw up mid-July, catching me doing some things I will, yet again, regret doing.

Because that’s what New Year’s Eve’s for. Forgetting and seeking comfort into a new year of peace. Hoping to be a different person, promising ourselves happiness and gratitude for our lives ... when in reality we’re only living the same lives over and over again.

What we need to understand is, as long as we live in this earth, religious or not, happy or not, the world will be a hell to live in, because we’re human. Humans make mistakes. I make mistakes and so do you. 

But don’t get depressed because of this! New Years Eve is about celebrating and having fun, so tonight, fire those rockets up and enjoy the party cause it only just begun ... Life. 

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