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Here at IG01 we know what our artists want, and we know what you like. Founded by multimedia figure and artist Zeventine[1], the goal of the label group is to launch its artists to the international music market by power.  Our artists' opinions of works at IG01 matter the most. It's our job to make sure the artists and their fans are happy about the music we put out.

Founder Zeventine has over 10 years of experience in the entertainment industry, and has worked with famous brands globally. Examples of those are the BBC, TV4 & MTV.[2]

Except for Zeventine, the label's other artist is Zanobia Hazer.[3] Discovered at Hillsong Youth Stockholm's office party in September 2016 by Zeventine, Zanobia show great potential in both her writing and singing. With her debut single releasing late 2017, she hops on the train of a fearless mind to pursue her dreams. Something only the strongest artist can do.


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