Zeventine to starr in Borta bra men hemma bäst

Zeventine, as we know him, played the main character in the abstract gun drama ’Borta bra men hemma bäst’, one of the three main live shows by the real estate and theatre sponsor Järfällahus of summer 2016. As the show had little to no lines, the actors were moving on stage, dancing, singing and showing emotions and actions via their body language. A notable co-star of Zeventine’s was Swedish Idol 2017 contestant Emelie Battah. 

The family tour did five stops around Järfälla county, north to Stockholm, and attracted lots of families and other visitors. The built up positive vibes were all shown in different events of every stop. Through sun and rain, Zeventine and the rest of the cast fought for a good tour as possible and got rewarded by the appreciation of the audience. 

After every show the cast had an open meet and greet mingle and talked to the audience. Since most of the casted actors already had a fan base they got extra happy when a fan came up to them. Zeventine was one of the actors putting a smile on their fans' faces.

Zeventine Official

Official Zeventine