Everyday thoughts

I have weird ideas sometimes, I mean, who doesn't? We live in a society where political correctness dominate, and I'm for it, but I can also be against it. It's like one of those "love/hate relationships" you used to have to teachers in elementary school.  

We all have things we regret. At least I have and that's why I'm writing this. I'm so sick of having anxiety over stuff I should move on with. I'm getting sick and tired of it. Confused? Let me explain!

I've done stupid things involving lies. I'm not going to tell you who I lied to, or what I lied to them about. However I am going to tell you that I feel really guilty about it, even though it was one of those "white lies" everyone makes.  

I am such a person feeling bad about pretty much anything and it's not a great feeling. If there's something I hate about some people is that they can be resentful. Extremely resentful sometimes. They keep on reminding me of my mistakes, my lies, my fears, my everything - and I know. I shouldn't have done those things to beguin with - I should have just learnt from my mistakes to beguin with. But now it's like it is and there's nothing to change.

The moral of this post is to learn how to forgive people. If you show no mercy on them when they've done a mistake, they will treat you the same when you've out-fooled yourself. That's how we work unfortunately - what you give you'll get back. Think about that. 


// Your Zeve


An unrelated picture of me. I needed something fun to fill out this post, you know.