As I said to you on Shazam a while ago, I got invited by TV4 & Stagepool to be in the audience of popular tv show Bytt är Bytt season 4, but it didn't just end there. I've also been an extra in the opening sequence of a couple episodes. Some of which that will air on the network in August/September this year. 

Is this a big deal?

It's not, since I've done more exciting projects on other major tv and radio stations before, being on TV4 Bytt är Bytt is still something I'm very proud of, but it's definitely not anything I would be remembered for doing. I may only've been an extra, but the whole thing was still an experience for me, which I appreciate. To be on set watching what the industry I'm publicly working with otherwise, has to offer, was great. I can't wait to do these small things again still. And I hope you'll be watching with enjoyment when it aires.