Elfstrom Entertainment in the Making!

Zeventine är i år under lansering av sitt egna produktionsbolag Elfström Entertainment som ger ut hans podcast Art is Alive. Under våren 2019 har Elfström Entertainment producerat över tio fantastiska avsnitt av Art is Alive för streamingtjänster med gäster som Beas liv, Angie, Alyza, Julia Viktoria etc. samt haft deals med Catapult Music Group och Raftmark Music. Och gissa vad? Vi har bara börjat!

I samarbete med Spotify har Elfström Entertainment lanserat sin officiella profil hos dem och släppt ett flertal spellistor med musiken som inspirerar Zeventine mest, samt musik från hans gäster och supporters som stöttar hans projekt. Följ oss på Spotify här.

Missa inte nästa avsnitt av Art is Alive på fredag nästa vecka. Kommer bli grymt!

Kram, Elfström Entertainment!


Det projekt jag har jobbat med så länge har äntligen premiär! Min nya podcast Art is Alive invigs av mig och YouTubern Bea, vilket kommer bli superkul. 

Avsnittet är 40 minuter långt och vi pratar om egna erfarenheter av underhållningsindustrin, att gå in i väggen, att ha en depression och att ha psykiska sammanbrott, samtidigt som vi svarar på frågor från lyssnare.


Jag kommer släppa en exklusiv förhandsvisning av avsnittet på nyårsafton här på zeventine.com.  

Premiären för podden kommer i januari 2019. Jag är så taggad!!!

Zeventine to starr in Borta bra men hemma bäst

Zeventine, as we know him, played the main character in the abstract gun drama ’Borta bra men hemma bäst’, one of the three main live shows by the real estate and theatre sponsor Järfällahus of summer 2016. As the show had little to no lines, the actors were moving on stage, dancing, singing and showing emotions and actions via their body language. A notable co-star of Zeventine’s was Swedish Idol 2017 contestant Emelie Battah. 

The family tour did five stops around Järfälla county, north to Stockholm, and attracted lots of families and other visitors. The built up positive vibes were all shown in different events of every stop. Through sun and rain, Zeventine and the rest of the cast fought for a good tour as possible and got rewarded by the appreciation of the audience. 

After every show the cast had an open meet and greet mingle and talked to the audience. Since most of the casted actors already had a fan base they got extra happy when a fan came up to them. Zeventine was one of the actors putting a smile on their fans' faces.


Hi all!

Yesterday I attended the gala premiere of the new movie ''Strawberry Days'', which today premieres publicly in all cinemas in Sweden. It's about the chemistry of a teenage couple. The boy from Poland, the girl from Sweden. All so very touching. 

Except from receiving the awesome goodie bag with sponsored items from brands such as Aloe Vera and VICHY Laboratories (!!!) I also had a very nice time with the producers and actors of the movie at the after party. 

Here comes the fun part!

If you go see ''Strawberry Days'' today, and post a picture from you at the cinema on Instagram, I may follow you back. If you don't follow my precious Instagram account yet, you totally should. (Click here to follow)

If you'd like to follow ''Strawberry Days'' official Facebook, do it here.

Don't forget that I have a very cool announcement to make later this week, regarding a new movie. I'll keep you posted, and as always. I love you.



As I said to you on Shazam a while ago, I got invited by TV4 & Stagepool to be in the audience of popular tv show Bytt är Bytt season 4, but it didn't just end there. I've also been an extra in the opening sequence of a couple episodes. Some of which that will air on the network in August/September this year. 

Is this a big deal?

It's not, since I've done more exciting projects on other major tv and radio stations before, being on TV4 Bytt är Bytt is still something I'm very proud of, but it's definitely not anything I would be remembered for doing. I may only've been an extra, but the whole thing was still an experience for me, which I appreciate. To be on set watching what the industry I'm publicly working with otherwise, has to offer, was great. I can't wait to do these small things again still. And I hope you'll be watching with enjoyment when it aires.



Everyday thoughts

I have weird ideas sometimes, I mean, who doesn't? We live in a society where political correctness dominate, and I'm for it, but I can also be against it. It's like one of those "love/hate relationships" you used to have to teachers in elementary school.  

We all have things we regret. At least I have and that's why I'm writing this. I'm so sick of having anxiety over stuff I should move on with. I'm getting sick and tired of it. Confused? Let me explain!

I've done stupid things involving lies. I'm not going to tell you who I lied to, or what I lied to them about. However I am going to tell you that I feel really guilty about it, even though it was one of those "white lies" everyone makes.  

I am such a person feeling bad about pretty much anything and it's not a great feeling. If there's something I hate about some people is that they can be resentful. Extremely resentful sometimes. They keep on reminding me of my mistakes, my lies, my fears, my everything - and I know. I shouldn't have done those things to beguin with - I should have just learnt from my mistakes to beguin with. But now it's like it is and there's nothing to change.

The moral of this post is to learn how to forgive people. If you show no mercy on them when they've done a mistake, they will treat you the same when you've out-fooled yourself. That's how we work unfortunately - what you give you'll get back. Think about that. 


// Your Zeve


An unrelated picture of me. I needed something fun to fill out this post, you know.  

Zeventine and the label on Genius

Monday May 22 IG01 Records and signed recording artist Zeventine joined the social music network Genius to publish his song lyrics and build up his fan base. Something Zeventine told his label stuck out from other networks, such as Instagram and Facebook, was that it's a whole new level of connecting with people. 

- ‘’Genius, to me, is the perfect place for me to talk to my followers and other people of the things I love the most. The music. Both my own and others - which I think is really fun.’’

The 16 year old and his label expressed themselves in an intimate meeting that Genius is the ultimate place to feature his song writing. 

Now it's possible to follow both Zeventine and his label on Genius.